About Us

The good looking chap above is yours truly, the owner/manager of Classified Enterprises LLC.

Classified Enterprises LLC is located in Downers Grove Illinois, USA, and has been in business since 2002, specializing in e-commerce, website development, helping people by realizing their dreams and happiness working at home and having a fantastic time learning how, when and where to fish the Great Lakes, in America and around the world. Learning how to golf like the pros might be your dream or bringing up a baby, teach and train a dog some tricks. Perhaps you might like to build a chicken coop and raise chickens at home to make some extra cash selling eggs. How about raising a parrot? Working at home can be the answer for you or someone you know.
Have a look at classified-enterprises.com in all its glory and with a little positive thinking could be the answer to all your dreams. You just might find what you are looking for.
Thanks for looking…..Good Luck!

Ronald J.Hovorka